Thursday, June 3, 2010

High tech 2010 Election captured by XNTV

XNTV 8 is now showing the 2010 Elections of Bansalan through its program "HISGUTANAN SA MABAMA".

Generally the election was peaceful though there were 2 CF cards malfunctioned. Based on observation, PCOS machine was not used to its maximum potential while the clustering system of COMELEC made a terrible delays that causes long lines, and extended hours of voting. Some were discourage of long lines and therefore left without voting.


Bansalan Cable TV expands

"Nalipay ko nga maka cable TV na jud mi diri sa among barangay" said one subscriber of Bansalan cable TV (BCTV) after almost a decade and a half of BCTV existence.

Kinuskusan, the last barangay of Davao del Sur province towards Kidapawan City, is now attached to the world through Bansalan Cable TV.  BCTV uses fiber optic technology to bring cable TV shows to its subcriber.

To subscribe with BCTV, please visit Bansalan Cable TV at Km. 77, Tubod, Bansalan, Davao del Sur or contact them at +63 918 607 5504..

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"HISGUTANAN" TV show makes History!

XNTV 8 creates history with it new TV program “HISGUTANAN” discuss with the 3 Police Chiefs of Matanao, Bansalan, and Magsaysay.

For the first time in history of Bansalan, Matanao, and Magsaysay, XNTV was able to bring in the 3 chiefs of PNP namely PCI Solomon De Castilla, PI Mielgrace Driz, and Deputy Chief PI Roberto Maja respectively.

“HISGUTANAN” can be seen at Channel 8 – the Community Information Channel of BCTV. It will air every Friday 5-6PM and will be replayed on Saturday 9AM. Its objective is to discuss issues and concerns that would bring development to the community.

“HISGUTANAN” will have its maiden show on January 22, 2010 and will be hosted by Janoz Xn Yesu S. Laquihon with the 3 Police Chiefs discussing election gun ban and other pertaining issues related to election.

For comments and suggestions please email us at or call +639208688862.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

XNTV captures COMELECs first voter education in Davao del Sur

XNTV8 - the Bansalan Cable TV Community Information Channel witnessed the first educational activity for 2010 elections, conducted by COMELEC Bansalan at UM Bansalan, Davao del Sur on January 13, 2010.

According to Atty. Tambuang, COMELEC Regional Director in Region XI, this is the first voter education in Davao del Sur. The activity hopes to educate every voter wherever they are. "We will educate this people so that they will know what is automated election on 2010” especially the the new polling system using the PCOS machine.

Proper shading, Do not over vote and No erasure were they key points emphasized by the COMELEC speakers. Other issues raised were the election gun ban.

The half day activity inlcudes Power point presentation, AVP, and actual demonstration how the PCOS works. The activity was attended by the COMELEC officials ,candidates, teachers, barangay captain, students, XNTV8, municipal officials, police, and general public.

XNTV 8 is now helping COMELEC in educating the people of Bansalan, Matanao and Magsaysay how to vote by regularly airing the COMELEC Voting Infomercial. - jxysl

Monday, January 4, 2010

In Depth: Better Late than Never?

Fire Cracker was finally banned in Bansalan!

I learned through the GMA-Davao news that the mayor bans the selling of fire crackers in Bansalan. That was two days after the dry good section of public market was caught on fire. Would that be too late? I guess not! at least, we can lessen the fire cracker injuries.

What are the next steps? When I interviewed Engr. Batingal, Bansalan Municipal Engineer, He said, they will help the business owners built a temporary stalls and commented that "magsinabtanay lang tang tanan" - lets just understand each other. He further added that the budget was taken from the calamity fund but did not elaborate how much. I wish I could have interviewed the mayor him self but I believe he don't want to. I have tried to to have his time in the past and to no avail for 3 consecutive times. So I didn't bother this time. Hope he doesn't mind too if I interviewed his constituents.

I am happy to note that, the LGU had acted on this. I've heard that the the victims were given P10,000.00 to start up. Would that be enough? I would say yes! Better than nothing. At least on the 31st of December I saw side walk vendors. They have started. Yet, for the people who have their business under loan - I guess its not. How could they pay for this? I don't know.

Further, due to the fire, there is more jobless people in Bansalan. Businessmen had reduced its man power since they no longer have goods to sell. How could they work? I am looking forward for the LGU to look for a better program for these people. It’s not too late!

One thing I noticed, pesticides and fertilizers sections were also burned. Would it be hazzardous to people? Yes! According to Richard Beard, Howard Deer of Utah State University "Chemically contaminated runoff water from a fire site can be toxic to plant and animal life and can also be destructive to wastewater treatment operations. Such runoff can leave toxic residues in soils and sediments. If there is runoff, it must be contained and possibly recovered." I don't know how the LGU had handled this but I was shocked to see young and old people, I believe it’s not the store owners, but rather scavengers, on site digging for whatever they can get out of the place. There are children taking iron scraps while I can still see smokes and caught it on my cam. Two days after, at least I saw a marker, CLOSED! Too late? I guess so.

Before the incident happened, I saw lots of fire cracker vendors installed there temporary stalls near the public market. I've never imagined that it could make such damaged. If they were placed and located on a safer area the fire could have been prevented! Does the market master, or whoever is in charge, didn't realized the risk?

Well, it took millions to learn something that we could avoid by learning from others. Too late!

Better Late than Never? you be the judge.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Fire Craker fired Bansalan Public Market

Bansalan, Davao del Sur, Philippines - Bansalan Public Market dry goods section was caught by fire at around 6:15PM,today. Unconfirmed reports that the fire started from the Fire Cracker Vendors, temporarily placed by LGU in front of the Municipal Public Market. No casualties reported yet. No Official report of the officials on the said incident published yet.

Sunday, November 8, 2009